It's 2068. King George is on the throne, the NHS is a distant memory, and religious orders have closed down due to dwindling numbers. But in one decaying English convent, three nuns have been left behind ...



Sergeant Bostock ... RUSSELL BILES

Alix/Sister Bronagh ... ELLIE BROOKS

Sister Marnie ... JULIA SAVILL

Sister Candice ... NAOMI UNWIN

Sound design by STEVE RAFTER 

Written and produced by JO-ANN CHALLIS

Julia, Russell, Steve, Ellie, Naomi, Tanya, me

Sister Candice and Sister Flo long to join a convent in Ireland, where communities still thrive. But they've been tasked with looking after the acerbic 90-year-old Sister Marnie, who's too ill to leave. She's an ungrateful patient, and life is harsh and lonely for her increasingly reluctant carers. 

When Sister Marnie drags herself back from death's door for the hundredth time, Sister Candice and Sister Flo's hopes of freedom are dashed. But then a visitor arrives at the convent – someone from an institution as traditional as the church, and as uncertain of its place in the modern world. 

Read the script here


If you're wondering how to format your own radio script, have a look at the method I ended up using. As well as numbering each page, number each line of dialogue on each page. It's a bit fiddly, but you'll be rewarded for your efforts during rehearsal and recording.

I produced The Last Nuns because I love radio plays and I wanted to find out what it would be like to make one myself. 

Thank you to Steve and the cast who made this possible. If you have any comments, have done anything like this yourself, or think you might like to, please get in touch!

© 2019 by Jo-Ann Challis